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  1. Having been a fan of hatfield and health. I only recently discovered In Cahoots right after the sad news of phil’s death. I have been acquiring the catalogue over the past two month’s and it is without a doubt some of the absolute finest music I have ever heard

    1. Hi Bob, how nice to hear from you. Thank you for your good opinion. Better late than never – Phil was never one to court publicity. Before he died he asked Kyle and me to make his music free to all and you can download all his stuff free here on this site with the exception of CDs still in production on the Cuneiform label. We are planning to put loads more unreleased material on the site, so keep visiting. If you are one of those people who want to own the actual CD I can supply you with these including the Cuneiform ones. Normally I sell them for £10 each, post and packing free, but if you wanted several I will give you a better price. Reply to me here and I will ask Kyle how to get in touch with you for your address privately. Best wishes Herm

  2. Hello, Kyle: Several years ago I gave Phil a CD copy of a National Health gig (live at Hull – November 16, 1977). If you come across it feel free to post it on the site. If not please send me a Dropbox link and I’ll “Share It”.
    Cheers, David

    1. Hi David. We may well have that CD somewhere, but there is a lot of stuff to go through, it may take a long time before we find it, so that would be great. I will email you a link, thanks very much.

      1. I have the Hull 16-11-77 recording coming your way shortly. Along with Collegiate Theatre 17-11-76 and Univ of Dundee 22-2-76.

      2. Hello, Kyle:
        I just uploaded it from my iTunes into Dropbox along with liner notes, CD cover (including a photo from the concert), and an additional band bio sheet that people might find of interest. I shot a whole roll of film at the gig so if I can locate the negatives I can have a set of prints made.

        Also I’ll be at the Dave/Barb gig in London in August so if you are there I’d be happy to buy you a pint.

        Cheers, David

        1. That sounds great David! We have the CD now but any pictures would be much appreciated.

      3. Kyle. I have found the CD of National Health live at Hull University Nov 16th 1977. We have our own copy

  3. Just beginning to find my way through this wonderful site. I’ve been a big fan of Phil’s music for many years. Thank you so much forkeeping his memory alive by making his music freely available to everybody. I can probably contribute some live recordings from my collection. How can I do so?

  4. Amazing! Thanks so much, we’ll never forget Phil Miller, one of the most important and innovative musician and a wonderful person. We are very honored to have worked with him, a very very special guest.
    Artchipel Orchestra

  5. This is absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much for keeping Phil’s music and everything related going. Cheers!

  6. Well …

    Phil was one of the kindest people i ever met in my personal musical world and the short
    time i spent with him in Venice (both when he came with the Hatfields and also when he came
    with his trio project few months later) was always a great time that I fondly remember.

    His music (and i mean exactly his compositions and his unpredictable way of playing the guitar)
    has alway been a point of creative reference to me … although i pretend to be a keyboard player.
    I listened to every single musical project available in which Phil has been involved always finding
    great inspirations and new ideas … and always enjoying his writing and guitar style.

    … and i also might say that when i first met him in Venice with the Hatfields back in 2006 it was like
    meeting an old friend obviously thanks to his incredible kindness and goodwill manners with which
    he provided lots of interesting comments about music and life in general.

    Thank YOU for managing this digital place to keep his memory alive.


  7. Dear Herm, Kyle and Doug. Thanks a million for this beautiful tribute for Phil, a giant in many respects. I will surely visit here regularly. Not only for updates, but also to remember his (and your) kindness and guidance.

  8. Marvelous tribute to the man, so open and supportive just like him. Incidentally I have 40 minutes of unreleased In Cahoots (1983 demos, with Rich Sinclair on bass) if you’re interested. Can’t remember who it came from.

    1. thanks so much – we’ve tried to make it as complete as we can, but of course we can’t do it alone – phil always appreciated how important it was to be a part of a wide community of musicians and fans/friends, and i think the same applies to this site, we want to be part of it all, so thanks again man!


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