Hatfield and the North Guildford ’74

Thanks to Joerg Reinicke for this recording of Hatfield and the North at Surrey University in Guildford on the 9th of November 1974.

This is a fairly ambient room mic recording, a spirited and lively performance but a little bass light. Some incredible blowing and re-arrangements here proving how fluid The Hatfields could be live.

Download whole gig – 1:02:38 – 72 MB

Dave Stewart – keyboards
Phil Miller – guitar
Richard Sinclair – bass, vocals
Pip Pyle – drums

Note: The opening acts were Kevin Coyne & Coxhill / Miller

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  1. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Phil was my favorite and a dear friend. His love for us will endure through the legacy of the greatest music ever composed in the modern era. Thank you, dear Richard.


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