Paul Dufour Interview

Paul Dufour was the drummer in Jack Monck’s band – Jack Monck and Friends – along with Jack, Phil and Marc Hadley. This was the last of Phil’s musical involvements towards the end of his life.
Prior to rehearsals for “A Life In Music” the Tribute Concert for Phil held at the Vortex in 2019, we were very fortunate to be able to recruit Paul Dufour at short notice as the replacement drummer for Trevor Tomkins whose health problems meant he was unable to take part. Without Paul’s involvement, Mark Fletcher would have been the sole drummer on all the performances for both Concerts which would have been an impossible task. Fortunately for us Paul was able to attend all three days of rehearsals at The Premises shortly before the event, working with material he was unfamiliar with. He performed brilliantly like the pro he is.


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