Interviews by Aymeric Leroy

One of the spin-offs from the Phil Miller Tribute Concert that we arranged after Phil died, was Aymeric Leroy’s idea of a series of interviews of the musicians performing at the concert. I bought three Sony Camcorders and we organised an interviewing suite at Colvestone Crescent using Phil’s Edirol recorder and two tripods that I borrowed, with myself operating the hand-held camera for close-ups. Aymeric made many trips from France to do these interviews which we conducted over several days interviewing two or three musicians on each visit. You will have seen the short excerpts that Aymeric made from this series.  Presented here are the full-length versions.

Simon Picard
Episode one…
  Jack Monck
All three episodes
Doug Boyle
Both episodes…
Fred Baker, from Tibshelf Derbyshire, is a dazzling virtuoso on both bass and guitar, with one foot planted firmly in Prog Rock and the other in Jazz. His recent inclusion in the Soft Machine line-up with the larger stage and audience it will give him begs only one question: Is the world ready to appreciate the phenomenon that is Fred Thelonious Baker!
All three episodes…
Jeff Green is a master of Jazz guitar. He exists in a firmament that includes Charlie Christian, Oscar Moore, Grant Green, Kenny Burnell, Herb Ellis and Wes Montgomery and shares their ability to play truly swinging phrases that are always perfectly placed.
Episodes one to five…

still to come:
John Etheridge
Mark Fletcher
Theo Travis
Alex Maguire
Marc Hadley
Paul Dufour
Jim Dvorak
Mark Hewins
Sarah Gail Brand
Peter Lemer

yet to be interviewed:
Rik Biddulph
Didier Malherbe
Patrice Meyer
John Greaves
Roy Babbington
Trevor Tomkins




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