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Contributor Transcriptions

The source of these transcriptions are written on the pdfs. Daniel would like to correspond with other musicians who share his interests. email him at

Aigrette Final Call Lounging There Trying Underdub

​This was transcribed from Hatfield & The North CD 1975


MIDI Files

Along with many more scores, we will now be adding downloadable MIDI files, starting with Phrygian Blues. This is thanks to us finding a large number of Sibelius files on one of Phil’s old computers; these can be easily converted into printable scores and Midi files. These files can be played with many media players but more interestingly, they can be edited with most sequencing software such as Ardour. A comprehensive list of Midi editors (including Open Source and free software) can be found on Wikipedia here.

Click the image for a printable score and the text below that to download the Midi file.

Phrygian Blues
Download Midi File – 31 KB

The following scores appeared in a series of articles that Phil wrote for a Japanese guitar magazine in the early 90s.
Each article contains a page of Phil’s explanatory text along with the scores.

A Simple Man Above and Below Calyx Second Sight
Green and Purple Eastern Region Truly Yours Digging In
Your Root 2 A Hint of Brazil
Click on any image or text to open the PDFs

6 thoughts

  1. I transcribed ‘Aigrette’ a few years back, and today found it again and posted a graphic on the ‘Hatfield & the North’ FB group. Someone suggested your site might be interested in it too? I could send a pdf, if you contact me.

    1. I emailed you last week about this but did not get a reply. Please check your spam file for my email . Herm

  2. Hi, I have just discovered your wonderful site. WOW!!!

    In the early 80’s, I have transcribed 2 Phil Miller pieces:
    – Lounging there trying
    – Underdub

    I also transcribed 3 other pieces:
    – Fol de rol
    – Fitter stroke has a bath
    – Didn’t matter anyway

    Are you interested? Have a good week-end.

        1. Hi Daniel – Herm will be getting in touch with you about this very shortly via your email – Thanks


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