We hope there will be something here for everybody who is interested in the music of  the late great Phil Miller.

We have uploaded all of Phil’s music on CD to make it available for everyone to listen to free of charge. Where possible we have enabled a download facility although this will not be possible in every case due to copyright issues.

Phil left a large archive of previously unreleased tapes – live gigs – private recordings etc. We plan to put all these tapes up for everybody to listen to on-line or download as they wish. We are launching this site as early as we can and we will add to the number of unreleased tapes as soon as they are ready. It will take time but the number will keep growing. We are also eager to include your recordings, especially tapes you have made from live gigs that you are willing to share.

We have the musical scores for all of his work and all of this will eventually be available on this site. We are starting off with a series of twelve pieces that Phil published in a Japanese magazine in the 1990s. Each piece is accompanied by an explanation of the chords used and the scales from which they derived. Each tune is scored traditionally for the guitar on staves, with picking direction and chords with TAB fingering. Each piece is available as a pdf file, printable directly from the computer. We are starting with the first four of these pieces with the remaining eight following swiftly. In time all his scores will be available, although not necessarily in this precise format.