In Cahoots on BBC Radio 3’s Jazz Today 1983

21.05.18 – KYLE

Listen to early Inca playing Second Sight and Your Root 2, as recorded for BBC Radio 3’s Jazz Today programme in 1983. Recorded from the radio onto reel-to-reel tape by Phil’s father-in-law and my grandfather, Gordon.
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Original videos

16.05.18 – KYLE

Today we have added a new videos page, on which we will be publishing original and otherwise unseen footage. These files have been digitised from Phil’s own collection of DVDs and VHS tapes, as well as contributions from our visitors.

The first video is a two hour In Cahoots gig, recorded in Tokyo from December 2001. Click here to watch it now.

In Cahoots live at New Morning Paris 1993

28.04.18 – DOUG

“This excellent quality DAT tape was digitised by Herm from Phil’s private collection of numerous DATs. This is a line up of In Cahoots without any keyboards at all leaving Phil as the sole chordal voice in a music which is packed with dense harmonic information (of course the bass player can always have a bit of go with chords too but it’s probably courtesy to make it clear that it’s the same money). It is testament to the quality of the compositions that Phil has chosen his chording in this format to be sparse and understated enough to put fuller focus on the horn lines, this bringing a fascinating new perspective on the In Cahoots music and interaction of the musicians. Jim’s sound in particular really rings out throughout…”
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Featured on KKFI 90.1FM tonight

13.04.18 – KYLE

Thanks to our friend Rick Chafen, Kansas City Community Radio (KKFI 90.1 FM) will be broadcasting some of our previously unreleased material tonight on the show The Real Deal at 19:00 CDT.

Once a month, Rick co-hosts the show, on what is known as Obscuropean Fridays. If you are in the Kansas City area, you can tune in on 90.1 on your FM band, otherwise there is a live stream that can be found at ; below is a snippet of Rick’s introduction to the show.

“I never knew that a band called Delivery had a 30-minutes spotlight on the BBC. But now it’s been made available thanks to In some ways, Delivery became a sort of proto-Hatfield and the North. The 1970 performance includes three players who would form the Hatfields. Delivery was the first proper band that Phil Miller and Pip Pyle had together and they would play in the same bands until Pip’s death (right after a gig) in 2006. I can promise you a whole lot more music from Phil’s various bands will soon be featured.”
Click here to read it all and tune in if you can.

New YouTube videos added

12.04.18 – HERM

Today we have added six new YouTube videos, including  a tribute by Fred Baker recorded on Phil’s birthday this year.
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New score – Green & Purple

10.04.18 – KYLE

We have just posted Phil’s score and notes for Green & Purple.
Next up will be Eastern Region.
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