Son of There’s No Place Like Homerton 1974

In April/May 1974, Hatfield and the North played a series of ‘big band’ concerts, of which Dave Stewart’s epic (Son Of) There’s No Place Like Homerton was the highlight. Sadly, none of the three shows were filmed, but we have Kim Fyson to thank for some truly wonderful photos of the Cambridge gig, and this is my attempt, using those, to visually and sonically recreate this moment only very few of us were privileged to experience first hand. Enjoy!

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  1. How anybody talking but The Northettes???? Barbara haskins, Amanda Parson, Ann Rosenthal, They are such a good choice 🎶🎵👍

  2. Found only today surfin’ on the net: fantastic, many thanks from Italy!
    By the way who are the guys on flutes and reeds? I think I recognized Jimmy Hasting and Geoff Leigh, but I see 2 other players in the photos: who are they?

  3. A few seconds before the end Mike Ratledge can be seen in the back. He was not involved in the actual concert?

    1. Sorry, but I just don’t see Mike anywhere in there. I don’t see why he would have been – none of these guys were part of his musical circle, although of course he’d played with some of the guests like Lyn Dobson or Lol Coxhill. Please indicated the exact timing and where in the picture you think you see him.

      1. At 4:38 to 4:40 in the lower left corner, with a cigarette in his mouth. At least it looks very much like him…

  4. The guy on electric piano is simply Alan Gowen – he had longer hair and a beard at the time…


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