Jack Monck Interview

Jack (real name Adam) Monck was one of Phil’s oldest friends. Jack, Phil and Pip Pyle – son of the Miller Family’s next- door-neighbours, who first met Phil when they both attended the same nursery school, all attended Cambridge Technical College in their teens. Together with Phil’s elder brother Steve they formed their first band Delivery in the 1960s.
This is the third from Aymeric’s interviews for this series. After the first ten minutes or so into the interview, I realised that the Edirol which was recording the audio was not switched on and the only camera that was switched on was the hand-held one that I was operating. We had to call a halt to the proceedings and start again. The spontaneity of the first start was rather lost the second time around and so I decided to use the original first ten minutes from the hand-held camera as the beginning of this interview . I apologise for the rather disjointed result.

Jack Monck – episodes one to three

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