In Cahoots Rotterdam 1985

Rotterdam, Mephisto – 29 March 1985
Another ambient cassette recording from Hugh Hopper’s first tour with In Cahoots, and yet another different setlist with a couple of pieces (both of them on the freer end of Inca’s repertoire) not heard in either the Eindhoven or Paris concerts available elsewhere on the site (4 days before and the next day, respectively) – Elton’s Janna, named after his daughter, and Calyx, in its only recorded performance by the line-up we are aware of. This is very likely incomplete, with five other potential inclusions missing, but still a substantial amount of music. Of particular note are the two pieces by Pete Lemer, including the rare Bring It To Me, played in succession in the second ‘set’ (or at least side 2 of the cassette in the archives) – no material by Hugh had yet been added. Instead tribute is paid to the late Alan Gowen with Reflexes In The Margin.