In Cahoots Eindhoven 1985

We had already covered In Cahoots’ March 1985 (the first with Hugh Hopper on board) in a previous upload of the Paris Dunois gig, but that was an incomplete recording, and this performance from the Dutch leg of the tour adds a lot of extra material. (Only one piece played in Paris isn’t heard here – “Figures Of Speech”.) There are two tracks, “Final Call” and “Nowadays A Silhouette”, that would quickly disappear from the set after Hugh joined, so these are unique versions with him on bass rather than Richard Sinclair (who wrote the main riff to the former, later the basis to his “Felafel Shuffle”). There is also a tribute to Phil’s late friend and accomplice Alan Gowen with the latter’s “Reflexes In The Margin” from their “Before A Word Is Said” album, and an early incarnation of “Hic Haec Hoc” prior to it becoming part of the Big Medley. Note that the first set ended with Pete’s “Kandoo”, but that part of the cassette was damaged beyond repair. Instead we get a rendition of Pete’s other tune, the more rarely played “Bring It To Me”.

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Phil Miller – guitar
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Hugh Hopper – bass
Pip Pyle – drums