In Cahoots Paris Le Dunois 30 March 1985

This is the first time we’ve featured any recordings from In Cahoots’ March 1985 European tour, the first with Hugh Hopper on bass. This one was selected for its fine dynamics and the inclusion of a couple of rarely heard tracks, although it’s not the complete performance and a couple more tunes are missing. « Bring It To Me » was Pete Lemer’s second contribution to the repertoire, based on a haunting bass riff Hugh quickly makes his own, and prefaced by a sweet ballad-type intro. It didn’t stay long in the set, and neither did, at least in this form, « Figures Of Speech ». Known at the time as « Troublesome Triplets », it would be heard on Cutting Both Ways in the form of a duo collaboration by Phil and Dave Stewart. There is some interesting interaction (some would call it a battle) by Pip with the programmed synth pattern. Another new track in the set is « Green & Purple », a rendition not too different from the later studio version. Pete’s other tune « Kandoo », a mainstay in the set from 1984 to 1986 yet never given an official release, and two Miller pieces dating back to the band’s earliest days, « Eastern Region » and « Your Root 2 »,are also played.

Phil Miller – guitar
Elton Dean – saxello, alto sax
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Hugh Hopper – bass
Pip Pyle – drums

Download – 96 MB


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