Delivery – Brighton 29 Sept 1972 – Restored

This version of Delivery, a prototype of Hatfield and the North with Steve Miller on electric piano, was short-lived and played only a handful of gigs, so we are lucky to have any document from this period. The Dome has been suggested as a possible venue, but this remains unconfirmed. This may have been the last time Steve played with them before Dave Sinclair stepped in, the resulting lineup playing only one or two gigs as Delivery before changing names to Hatfield and the North. This occasion was made extra special by the presence of Didier Malherbe, who was enjoying a holiday in the UK during a break in Gong’s activities (during that stay he also sat in with Kevin Ayers during his Banana Follies residency), on sax and flute, which results in extended jamming sections. The set list appears to have been pretty much settled, beginning with Steve’s “One For You“, recorded a few months prior for the first Coxhill/Miller album, the first time all four members had been captured playing together. The rest is mostly an embryonic Hatfield set list, with a couple of interesting variations – an instrumental based on Caravan’s “Waterloo Lily” and a never officially released composition by Pip Pyle, “All Day Forever“, on which he also plays rhythm guitar. This seems to have been related to “Shaving Is Boring” as the theme is briefly reprised at a faster tempo at the end of the latter. Lastly we have the first seconds of “God Song“, sadly cut just as Richard begins to sing – his only vocals in the entire set.

Phil Miller – guitar
Steve Miller – electric piano
Richard Sinclair – bass, vocals
Pip Pyle – drums, rhythm guitar on All Day Forever
Didier Malherbe – sax, flute

Thanks again to Aymeric for restoring this very old cassette tape. We previously posted an unedited and uncorrected version of this gig, which can be found here.

Download – 46 MB

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  1. Can someone advise how to open this file after downloading since my PC doesn’t recognise it. It is to be a .72 extension file which seems to be some form of compressed file but I can’t find any way of opening it or extracting the files


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