In Cahoots Tribute to The Love Generation 2001

Almost exactly ten years to the day after their first foray to the land of the rising sun, documented on the aptly-titled 1993 release Live In Japan, In Cahoots returned to Japan in December 2001, with the same line-up but a totally different setlist (the only piece performed – just once – on both trips was, oddly enough, “Underdub“, which didn’t feature Elton and Jim). Had Pip not left the band shortly thereafter, it seems likely we would have been treated to a Live In Japan 2. The performances as documented here certainly deserved to be heard. Not only are the band in great form – this line-up’s absolute peak, Fred said after listening to the tapes recently – and playing otherwise rarely heard material (over two nights they play the entire Out Of The Blue album, along with selections from Parallel and assorted old favourites), but old friend and soundman extraordinaire Benj Lefevre was again part of the team on this trip and made sure the gigs were preserved for posterity. The venue this time around, with its decidedly Woodstock-flavoured name, was in fact a Sony-owned club in the Odaiba district of Tokyo where the likes of Caravan, Stewart-Gaskin, Kevin Ayers and King Crimson also performed ca. 2001/02.

Of particular interest are the sextet arrangements for “Delta Borderline” and “Open Sea“, performed by the quartet line-up of the band (plus Doug Boyle) on the album, with some particularly wild excusions on fuzz bass by Fred on the former. “Above and Below” and “Your Root 2” (prefaced by a sax/drum duet) had both been played during the sextet’s previous gigs, in October 1998, but those arrangements would have been new to a Japanese audience. As far as I know, it was the first time Jim would have performed the “Green & Purple / Hic Haec Hoc / Simple Man” medley, which would remain in the band’s setlist to the end (it even appeared on the final album, Mind Over Matter). Other standout moments include Elton’s passionate saxello solo on “ED Or Ian“, Pete’s synth solos on “Hic Haec Hoc” and “Above and Below“, Jim’s trumpet solo on “Slime Divas” and Phil’s own solo on “Half Life”, possibly the last time this show-stopper was ever played (unless it reappeared at Pip’s final Inca gig at the Jazz Cafe on 7 January 2002).

Videos of part of the first night’s performance have been hosted on this site for some time, but while there was little we could do about the picture quality, we have posted versions with much improved sound from these new DAT transfers (thanks to Nick Loebner for the loan of his DAT player!). And “Half Life” is now complete although the second half wasn’t caught on camera while the first has significant image issues. This is the best we could do, and we hope you will appreciate the chance to re-live this significant episode of In Cahoots’ history.

Day one (08.12.01)

Day two (09.12.01)

Download – 569 MB

Phil Miller – guitar
Elton Dean – saxello, alto sax
Jim Dvorak – trumpet
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Fred Baker – bass
Pip Pyle – drums

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