In Cahoots Nervi (Genova) Senhor Bonfim ’91

The following In Cahoots gig was recorded by Alessandro Achilli in Nervi (near Genova) Senhor  Bonfim on the 31st May 1991.

The lineup was:
Phil Miller–  electric guitar, guitar-synth (or possibly electric guitar with additional midi pickup)
Jim Dvorak – trumpets
Elton Dean – saxello, alto sax
Fred Baker – bass guitar
Pip Pyle – drums

Download – 88 MB

Photos also by Alessandro

The original audio for this page was updated by Aymeric with remastered, individual tracks on 23.6.21

7 thoughts

  1. THANKYOU ! fantastic to have more of the Tokyo material. I had just started to get to know this music through Fred ,who I had watched and hung out with a bit ( I was fortunate enough to start having lessons with him the next year ) And I remember when he came back from Tokyo ,and then the album coming out….I just couldn’t believe all this progressive invention. I was actually given my copy of that for engineering the live gig Fred and Phil did of the Double Up music at Birmingham Conservatoire.. By the way I have a cassette of that BC gig I ran from the desk. I will come across it soon ,as I am sorting through some. When I find it I will digitise it and send you copies .I don’t think anyone else recorded it.

    1. And sorry,yes i do realise Genova isn’t in Japan ! It’s just that i always think of this period’s music that way because of the album.


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