In Cahoots Jazz Café, London – 31 October 1994

We had already posted the DAT-sourced audio to this concert, the band’s only gig of 1994, a release party of sorts for the “Recent Discoveries” album recorded the previous year. As it happens, the vaults also included a transfer of a video recording of the same gig, but with inferior sound from the camera’s own microphone. Sync’ing the DAT source to the images is always a little tricky for pre-digital age video, so it required some work and the result isn’t 100% perfect but, we feel, acceptable as this is a unique document of a full performance by this line-up, with a good half of the material not surviving the next line-up change with Pete Lemer’s return to the fold in 1995/96, which means very little overlap with the other available videos. Most importantly, it’s a really strong performance, both collectively and individually. Enjoy!

Phil Miller – guitar, guitar-synth
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Jim Dvorak – trumpet
Fred Baker – bass
Pip Pyle – drums

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