In Cahoots: new drummer rehearsal & Progman Cometh Festival 2002

When Pip Pyle left In Cahoots in 2002 to form his own band, Phil’s choice for a replacement was Mark Fletcher, fondly known as Fletch. There was no need to introduce Fletch as he was well known to everybody in the band – you would be hard pressed to find any musician on the scene that he hadn’t played with. In July 2002 Phil called a try out/rehearsal for Fletch before their upcoming performance in Seattle a few weeks later. I am playing it here in full because it is such an interesting document at an historical turning point in the band’s history. It is followed by a recording of the band’s performance in the USA at the Progman Cometh Festival in the Moore Theatre, Seattle a month later. I am leaving it to Phil from his sleeve notes on the CD to say what happened next:
“The idea for this CD was conceived in August 2002 at the inaugural Progman Cometh festival in Seattle, where In Cahoots performed at the invitation of our good friend Jerry Cook whose brainchild the festival was, and whose generosity, hospitality and organisational chops made this great event such fun. Thanks for all that Jerry, we had such a good time. This was the first outing for In Cahoots with the new line-up of Mark Fletcher on drums, following the departure of Pip Pyle, whose own excellent band Bash made its debut appearance at this same festival. Having a new drummer is a momentous change for a band and the dynamics have been radically altered. Fletch is a fantastic player, his enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious and it’s great to have him on board. Steve Feigenbaum was there of course, liked what he heard, made us an offer and a deal was struck before we left. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it.”

The result was the CD In Cahoots All That on Cuneiform Records RUNE 181



Progman Cometh Performance

Download Rehearsals part one – wav files – 655 MB

Download Rehearsals part two – wav files – 396 MB

Download Performance – 101 MB


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