In Cahoots Bremen 1986

Radio Bremen broadcast – 20 May 1986

Some of this performance – taped for Germany’s Radio Bremen – will be familiar to followers of Phil and In Cahoots as three tracks were on the Live 86-89 CD. It was decided to include them here for the sake of continuity, although the sound quality is slightly inferior, though still excellent. Of particular interest among the remaining tracks are the full-length “Truly Yours” medley (only half of which was performed by In Cahoots on Phil’s Split Seconds album, the other presented in a version done in collaboration with Dave Stewart), and Peter Lemer’s “Kandoo”, a fixture on those early tours but sadly never recorded in the studio. Unfortunately the broadcast cuts less than a minute into “Green & Purple” – for a full version of this, plus the rest of the tour’s setlist, check out the (audience-taped) Utrecht gig from the same tour, also on this site;

Download – 109 MB

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