Short Wave Brussels 1994

Short Wave Brussels, Fool Moon 26 November 1994

We’ve had two early performances by this band (originally known as Hugh Hopper & Special Friends) from 1991 on this site. Three years on, with the “Live” CD (actually a mixture of studio and live recordings) coming out in the meantime, the repertoire was still largely unchanged, and in fact Short Wave’s activities came to an end by 1996. There is only one new composition here, Hugh’s tribute to his, Phil and Pip’s former bandmate Alan Gowen (1947-81), one of two tracks from this performance that appeared on CD9 of the Hugh Hopper tribute/benefit series curated by the late Mike King for Gonzo Multimedia. The rest of the performance is previously unheard, and piecing it back together required a certain amount of head-scratching as two different sources with different track orders were used. This research also unearthed a most tantalising fragment of Short Wave performing Phil’s “Parallel”, well ahead of it becoming the title track to In Cahoots’ 1996 album. Since we have yet to discover a complete rendition of this piece, this will have do for now…

Download – 98 MB

Hugh Hopper – bass
Didier Malherbe – tenor & soprano sax, flute
Phil Miller – guitar
Pip Pyle – drums
Special guest
Frank van der Kooij – tenor sax (on “2PM”)


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