In Cahoots Penny Theatre 1995 2nd set (possibly)

This tape was labelled In Cahoots Boat Race 1994 but this seems to be an error. The year is clearly wrong – InCa only played one gig in all of 1994, it’s the Jazz Café (aka Halloween) recording. The band did play the Boat Race in Cambridge, but in December 1995, so that is very likely it, especially since the gig includes early versions of the Parallel repertoire which didn’t yet exist in 1994.

Now what’s interesting is that this would be the day after the Canterbury Penny Theatre recording, but with absolutely NO overlap in the set list, which leads me to wonder if they could not be two halves of the same gig. We may never know – there doesn’t seem to be much contextual information in Phil’s typically concise stage announcements. In any case taken together they form a great document of that particular tour, with what I suppose is the complete repertoire played on it.

I have also bridged some gaps. The one during Fred’s bass solo in Parallel appeared to be missing some music. I did an edit that preserves the flow of the performance losing as little music as possible. Hopefully only Fred himself can detect the missing bars.

Download – 103 MB

2 thoughts

    1. “Sitdown” was the penultimate track on “Parallel”, so clearly you’ve played it – but maybe it was named something else originally ?


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