In Cahoots Canterbury 1995

Canterbury, Penny Theatre – 4 December 1995

A great-sounding recording of the second gig by In Cahoots on their first tour since 1993 save for a one-off gig at the Jazz Café in October 1994 (more on that one later) to celebrate the release of Recent Discoveries, Phil having concentrated on Short Wave and the Miller-Baker duo in 1994-95. There are still two tracks from Recent Discoveries but also the debut of the future opening track for Parallel, the great Simmer (a firm favourite of mine), its rhythmic intricacies not yet fully smoothed out but getting there. The set is rounded out with versions of the older Digging In and Green & Purple. The band would soon welcome back Pete Lemer in what many view as the ‘classic’ In Cahoots sextet line-up, first heard on the 1991 Japanese tour.

The line up was:
Phil Miller–  electric guitar, guitar synth
Jim Dvorak – trumpet
Elton Dean – saxello, alto sax
Fred Baker – bass guitar
Pip Pyle – drums


What might possibly be the second half of this gig can be found here.

Download – 67 MB