Short Wave live at Gong 25 – The Balladin

This video is from my series of Short Wave’s performance at Gong 25, this is Pip Pyle’s beautiful tune The Balladin, featuring some characteristically gorgeous flute playing by Didier and some equally delightful guitar harmonies by Phil. Sadly the soundboard tape ran out halfway through the song, so this is just an excerpt, but worth sharing here nonetheless. Enjoy!


2 thoughts

  1. Really enjoyed this recording! Thank you so much for sharing. I loved hearing Phil play alongside a flute,

    1. You should listen to the Short Wave album, lots of lovely flute from Didier, as well as Phil’s own In Cahoots album “Conspiracy Theories” from 2006 – Didier is the main reeds player on it, including soprano sax, doudouk, ocarina and flute.


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