Obscuropean Friday on KKFI -13.04.18

“Hi, Everybody!

Being on the radio these last 40-some years has repeatedly brought a certain phrase to mind about the past: “The Past keeps getting bigger.” Not just because every day moves into the past, but this thought also strikes whenever a recording from long ago surfaces with early performances by now-faves. As feverishly as I’ve accumulated the music and the history of the Finn-tastic band Wigwam, out comes something I never knew about. It’s just a single (as part of their just-released Complete Singles Box) but its two sides feature vocalists never heard with them. I’ll share one of them this week. I’ll also play a second of those singles which was familiar to me, but which may not be to you, just because it’s wonderful and now brand-new again.

Svart Records’ year-long celebration of Wigwam’s 50th anniversary continues with the second solo release by Jim Pembroke – 1974’s Pigworm. Much expanded notes and credits, as well as full lyrics and it’ll be a great opportunity to share some tracks most of you won’t know.

I can also introduce most of you to a brand-new instrumental English band whose lead instruments are violin and saxophone, played respectively by Davids Cross and Jackson. Try to imagine what their collective pedigrees in King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator might bring in a collaboration. (Hint: it’s powerful stuff!) I’ll bookend the show with some of their material.

Another example of the Past still- growing: I never knew that a band called Delivery had a 30-minutes spotlight on the BBC. But now it’s been made available thanks to philmillerthelegacy.com In some ways, Delivery became a sort of proto-Hatfield and the North. The 1970 performance includes three players who would form the Hatfields. Delivery was the first proper band that Phil Miller and Pip Pyle had together and they would play in the same bands until Pip’s death (right after a gig) in 2006. I can promise you a whole lot more music from Phil’s various bands will soon be featured.

As for this week’s broadcast, since we’ve designated this show to new releases, I’ve no idea what Mike will be inspired to play. So, we can find out together if you join us from 7 to 9 Friday evening, 13 April.

Here in the Kansas City broadcast area, tune in to 90.1 FM, KKFI. Beyond the reach of our air waves, use the cyber stream at http://www.kkfi.org and remember that when it’s 7 in the evening here, it’s already 1 in the morning in London. Etc.

I still know of new releases to expect so we may very well turn to this idea again in May. We are set for Friday, May 11. Have some great listening in the meantime.




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