In Cahoots Osaka ’91

In December 1991 Phil took In Cahoots on tour to Japan. The line-up was Phil Miller on guitar, Fred Baker on bass guitar, Pete Lemer on keyboards, Pip Pyle on drums, Elton Dean on saxes and Jim Dvorak on trumpet, playing all Phil Miller compositions. In Cahoots played four concerts in Osaka and Tokyo. The CD Phil Miller In Cahoots Live in Japan was taken from these concerts. This recording is the concert at Shinsaibashi Club Quattro in Osaka on December 17th 1991, and has several tracks not found on said CD.


  1. And Thus Far (20:30)
  2. Bass Motives (11:46)
  3. Calyx (12:34)
  4. No Holds Barred (20:25)
  5. Underdub (6:15)
  6. Truly Yours (9:31)
  7. Green And Purple (10:42)
  8. Digging In (22:15)
  9. Second Sight (7:19)

Download – 02:01:17 – 111 MB

2 thoughts

  1. Certainly I was there, Shinsaibashi Club Quattro. And 27 years later, I’m listening to that music again. How strange it is, but nice.
    I remember the gig was recorded, but I cannot tell which tracks played at that night was incorporated in CD.
    Elton Dean’s solo in Calyx was superb. So I enjoyed this track very much. Thanks for PM and all.


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