Miller – Baker Duo Birmingham 1994

Birmingham, Cannonball – 17 September 1994

1994 wasn’t Phil’s most active year on the live front, with only one In Cahoots gig (the Jazz Café Halloween gig, documented elsewhere on this site) and a handful of Short Wave dates (including a high profile appearance at Gong’s 25th Birthday celebrations), the rest being duo dates with Fred, one at the Vortex in April and a 5-date UK tour in September, of which the present recording (once again by Martin Mycock) documents the last. The sound quality is average but listenable, and there are issues with the 2nd set – only a short fragment of “For Christine” remained which we chose to leave out, but we did keep the two longer fragments of “Underdub” as they total a respectable 6 minutes, and sadly the closing “Green & Purple” cuts just as the familiar riffing gets going, but this is still an enjoyable document, with the earliest known recordings of “Song For Big Fred” and a very embryonic “Adagio”.

Download – 153MB

Phil Miller – guitar & guitar synth
Fred Baker – guitar & bass


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