National Health Hull University 1977

National Health
Live at Hull University
November 16 1977

Download – 99 MB

Dave Stewart – keyboards
Phil Miller – guitar
Neil Murray – bass
Pip Pyle – drums


3 thoughts

  1. Yes – Pip was on drums and Neil Murray on bass. The show was performed in the University of Hull refectory which was not known for wonderful acoustics, but the concert was recorded in stereo on good equipment. There are several other bootlegs recorded from this venue including 801 (released commercially) and Van Der Graaf.

  2. What a great show, what a tight band! Three, not that important, bits of info.1-Pip’s on drums, right? Dave introduces him on my CDr of this show. 2-Dave also tells the audience “A Legend In His Own Lunchtime”, which we all know became “Binoculars” with words. 3-amphibians with an ‘n’. But, again it’s the music that really matters. Thanks for all the great stuff you share.


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