In Cahoots Vortex London 2009

November 10 2009
This is a recording I made of the last In Cahoots performance I ever attended – as it turned out, they only did one more in Colchester the following day, so this is a rare document of a lineup – with newcomers Paul Booth and Mark Armstrong – that ended up working mostly in the studio, recording “Mind Over Matter” between November 2009 and January 2010. There was only one new piece by Phil in the set, “Contrary Motion” (still untitled at the time), but two by Pete, “Focus Pocus” and the otherwise unrecorded (as far as I know) “Backlog”, but since the album would also include remakes of two old favourites, “ED Or Ian” and the obligatory Medley, we do have a good chunk of it performed here. Phil later told me he had planned for some of the album to consist of live takes but that these turned out to be “too echoey”. I suppose this means there’s a (possibly better-sounding than my MiniDisc ambient recording) tape of the Colchester gig somewhere, but we have yet to locate it… I also filmed parts of the performance, the results available elsewhere on this site. So, not quite In Cahoots’ last stand, but close…

Phil Miller – guitar
Paul Booth – tenor and soprano sax
Mark Armstrong – trumpet and flugelhorn
Pete Lemer – keyboards
Fred Baker – bass
Mark Fletcher – drums

Download WAV – 1GB

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  1. Hi, Do you have the date of this gig?
    I attended a gig in Colchester I was wondering if it is the one you mention.


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