Solo Demos 84-85

These solo demos were recorded by Phil using a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder in 1984/85. Obviously the intention was to help the other members of In Cahoots get the feel of each piece, along with the score, rather than a finished product anyone outside that close circle was supposed to ever hear. But this is a fascinating listen for anyone who likes Phil’s music and, particularly, his wonderful multi-layered guitar playing.

Unlike his later demos, produced using MIDI, these were made playing instruments (guitars and what is meant to sound like a bass, but may well be de-tuned or slowed down guitar) in real time, so there’s a strong human element there.

Two of these tracks, “Figures Of Speech” (here under its original title, “Troublesome Triplets”) and “Hard Shoulder”, were recorded as duets with Dave Stewart (and “Final Call” with ex-National Health percussionist John Mitchell a couple of years later), while the rest was brand new In Cahoots material for “Cutting Both Ways” along with a couple of older pieces, “Eastern Region” and “Second Sight”.

Download – 79 MB

Phil Miller – guitar & all instruments


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