In Cahoots Wuppertal 1986

Taken from a soundboard-sourced cassette recording (with typical issues for a 3O+-year-old tape, particularly affecting the cymbals), we have the first half of one of the last dates of In Cahoots’ long European tour of spring 1986. This came just days after the Radio Bremen broadcast which provided a good chunk of Live 86-89, and similarly begins with an excellent version of Above & Below which includes a fine synth solo by Pete Lemer (eliciting a scream of pleasure from an audience number), continues with the obligatory Second Sight, a fixture of the band’s sets throughout its existence, and ends with the ‘long’ version of Truly Yours, with extra sections (recorded as Double Talk by Phil with Dave Stewart on Split Seconds) book-ending the familiar ballad – here delivered in a reflective, sensitive mood with a fine solo by Phil, again prompting spontaneous expressions of satisfaction from the same overly excited audience member. Sadly the rest of the performance is missing, as are any further instances of the latter.

The line up was:
Phil Miller–  electric guitar
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Elton Dean – saxello, alto sax
Hugh Hopper – bass guitar
Pip Pyle – drums


Download – 44:53 – 51 MB


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