Hugh Hopper & Friends (Short Wave) Paris ’91

Today January 22nd is Phil’s Birthday

This is one of my paintings: it features Hugh Hopper in our garden, taking a break from a Shortwave rehearsal. Herm

Hugh Hopper & Friends – Paris – New Morning – 6th Nov 1991: This was recorded a couple of nights before the performance at Jacky Barbier’s club in Burgundy shared elsewhere on this site, and another soundboard recording, although inferior in quality – I seem to remember digitising this from a couple of cassettes in Pip’s collection. It has a version of “2PM” which the above-mentioned gig lacks, but conversely this doesn’t have the long improv after Didier’s “VZG” poem. I don’t think any of this turned up on the official CD (the oddly-titled, actually half-studio half-live “Live”), but this has most of the same pieces, but with some very cool extras, like the long medley of “Miniluv”, “Facelift” and Phil’s “Green & Purple”, and versions of Pip’s “Shipwrecked” and Phil’s “Nowadays A Silhouette” that are different enough to the other available versions that they would merit a release. Enjoy!

Download – 159Mb

Hugh Hopper – bass
Didier Malherbe – tenor & soprano sax, flute
Phil Miller – guitar, guitar-synth
Pip Pyle – drums

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  1. Aymeric, I guess you are referring to the three tracks released (Gonzo Multimedia HST248CD) on Hugh Hopper – Special Friends (Volume 6)? Because clicking on the text link “shared elsewhere on this site” leads to a quite different much later show from 2007. Cool painting, Herm! I guess it’s Pip last? (he looks kind of really short haired). Happy birthday to Phil!


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