Hugh Hopper’s Benefit Concert 2008

Highlights from the benefit concert for Hugh Hopper held at London’s 100 Club on 14th December 2008, including performances by Alex Maguire & Friends (Maguire on piano, Patrice Meyer on guitar, Fred Baker on bass, Mark Fletcher on drums plus Frank van der Kooij on sax and Robert Jarvis on trombone) – “Wanglo Saxon”; Sophia Domancich (piano) & Simon Goubert (drums); the Delta Saxophone Quartet (led by Chris Caldwell) – “Facelift”; pianist/vocalist Yumi Hara Cawkwell – variations on “Hope For Happiness” and “Box 25/4 Lid”; the “Soft Trio” (John Etheridge on guitar, Roy Babbington on double bass and John Marshall on drums) with an improv: Mike Horovitz reading from his books; and lastly Phil Miller’s In Cahoots (Miller on guitar, Simon Picard on saxes, Peter Lemer on keyboards, Fred Baker on bass and Mark Fletcher on drums) – “Hic Haec Hoc” and “ED Or Ian ».


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  1. I found a review I wrote about this gig but never published it anywhere, so better late than never…..
    ‘Missed most of Alex Maguire and friends but last few minutes sounded great. Sophia Domancich and Simon Goubert cool improv with maybe a few composed bits here and there. The nice Japanese lady who was selling merchandise turned out to be Yumi Hara Cawkwell. I wasn’t quite on her wavelength but after a couple of minutes of her second piece I realised I was listening to a version of ‘Box 25/8 Lid.’ I never imagined I’d hear this piece of Ratledge minimalism played live. I was looking forward to the Delta Saxophone Quartet and I was not disappointed. Fantastic version of Facelift. The Soft Trio made a lot of exciting noise, perhaps they should have called themselves the Jimi Etheridge Experience! Michael Horowitz was very much of his time although his more up to date anti war rant seemed a bit controversial in some quarters. In Cahoots, as always, were brilliant. Not much more I can say.
    Overall a great evening in the company of the mighty Steve Reynolds and Nick Loebner. Great to chat to Fred Baker who ranks only behind Jaco in my eyes. Steve R engaged in friendly conversation about drums with John Marshall. There were familiar faces everywhere although there may have been a case of mistaken identity with a debatable sighting of Mike Ratledge. Nick L alerted me to a tall slim man with shortish hair, moustache and spectacles, aged late 50s early 60s, green shirt, dark overcoat. He didn’t half look like I imagined MR might do nowadays. We even persuaded a couple of people to go and ask him, but he denied everything! Anybody else spot him?’
    Gosh that was 14 years ago, HH is still missed.
    Steve Yarwood

  2. That would be a great CD. Thank you to all involved in uploading this vid. Miss you Hugh; keep Phil in time up there! 😉


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