In Cahoots Université Villeneuve Lille 1984

The following IN CAHOOTS gig was recorded live in Lille on  2nd May 1984 and was found in Phil’s collection of cassette tapes.

Probably due to tapes being changed, some of part two is missing: at the very beginning and just before the final track.

The lineup was
Phil Miller – guitar
Richard Sinclair – bass
Pip Pyle – drums
Elton Dean – sax
Pete Lemer – keyboards

Download – 147 MB

The original audio for this page was updated by Aymeric with remastered, individual tracks on 23.6.21

3 thoughts

  1. I tried to figure out a setlist. Help is needed for possible errors and the ??
    1 ??
    2 Above and below
    3 ??
    4 Speaking to Lydia
    5 Janna
    6 ??
    7 Eastern region
    8 Hard shoulder
    9 ??
    10 Calyx


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