The Fox

the Phil Miller Tribute Concert, Vortex, London. 6th January 2019
Alex Maguire keyboards, Theo Travia flute, Patrice Meyer guitar, Jack Monck bass guitar, Paul Dufour drums.


1994  Short Wave: Phil Miller guitar, Hugh Hopper bass, Didier Malherbe tenor sax, Pip Pyle drums, special guest Frank van der Kooij.
Fool Moon, Brussels, Belgium. 26 November 1994

      1. The Fox

2019  A Life In Music. Second Concert: Alex Maguire keyboards. Theo Travis flute. Patrice Meyer guitar. Jack Monck bass guitar. Paul Dufour drums.
Phil Miller Tribute Concert. Vortex, London. 6 January 2019. Engineer Benjamin LeFevre.

      2. the fox