Fred Baker Trio Birmingham 2019 – part three

Fred Baker Trio: 1000 Trades, Birmingham. Birmingham Jazz. November 16th 2019.

As the person behind the camera of this video I feel I should apologise for the peculiar position I shot the footage at a certain time during the Trio’s performance. It was very hot in the performing space and I had been standing, filming for some time. After a while I started to feel a bit weird and realised I was going to faint. That is why I sat down, but it meant that I didn’t have a very good view of the band – which accounts for the poor quality. Fortunately I soon felt well enough to stand up again. I hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of the music.


Playing Phil’s Green and Purple.

Fred Baker – guitar
Mickey O’Brien – bass
Nick Twyman – drums.


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