In Cahoots Pijnacker ’84

This one is quite a special performance even if you’re familiar with early In Cahoots. This would prove to be Richard Sinclair’s final appearance with the band (although he would return to guest on a couple of subsequent albums by Phil), although I suppose no one knew at the time. Coincidentally (or not), this includes an unusual amount of singing by Richard, including Robert Wyatt’s lyrics to Calyx (including some hilarious ad-libbing when his mic malfunctions – spot the variation!) and the theme for Eastern Region as well as Second Sight. Also worthy of mention is a truly mammoth version of Nowadays A Silhouette, an interesting finale to Kandoo and some outstanding synth soloing by Pete Lemer, most spectacularly in Final Call to well-deserved cheers from the audience.

Apart from the inevitable loss of a few seconds of music at the end of each cassette side, there were issues with one channel in a couple of brief spots that required temporarily switching to mono. The cassettes show their age at times, particularly when the saxophone is at the forefront, but overall it’s a solid recording with great dynamics – a fine testament to a memorable event.


Phil Miller – guitar
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Peter Lemer – keyboards
Richard Sinclair – bass, vocals
Pip Pyle – drums

Download – 280 MB