Miller/Baker Duo Belgium 1995

1994-95 marked the culmination of the Miller/Baker duo’s touring, and since the duo’s debut 1992 release Double Up (sadly destined to remain without a follow-up), their repertoire had grown to encompass more Miller originals, including two tracks from his 1991 solo album Digging In (“Bass Motives” and “Speaking To Lydia”, the latter actually dating back to 1984), as well as a few new pieces : Fred’s “Upside” would soon become an In Cahoots piece, ultimately appearing on 2003’s All That, but most interesting here are two otherwise unheard Phil Miller pieces : “Adagio”, of which a later studio recording is known to exist (along with two Baker originals), and an untitled ballad, which Fred says “was more of an evolving piece which wasn’t taken up anymore afterwards”. A nod is also given to a much missed old friend, Alan Gowen, whose classic “Arriving Twice” opens the performance, followed by a Baker original dedicated to his father (also named Fred).

The recording is an excellent digital recording, but with no applause or introductions audible, so it was chosen to remove the gaps to make the listening experience more pleasant.

The following set was performed at the Travers club in Brussels on the 21st of April 1995.

Download whole gig – 129 MB


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