A Life in Music: Nowadays a Silhouette

One of the most vivid memories I have from my stay in London was John Etheridge’s solo on this on the final day of rehearsals. John had never played with Phil or performed his music before, they obviously knew each other and there was much mutual respect and quite a few shared bandmates, but it was new territory for John and his contributions to the concert were all highlights. This beautiful ballad (in fact originally known as just Ballad when first performed by National Health in 1979) was included on the 1981-recorded Before A Word Is Said album for which Phil had teamed up with Alan Gowen, Richard Sinclair and Trevor Tomkins. It was performed again by In Cahoots and Short Wave in later years. Here Simon Picard plays the lovely theme on soprano sax and Pete Lemer plays the second solo on electric piano. But the high point for me is clearly John’s passionate solo.

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