A Life in Music: Hatfield Medley

Hatfield Medley: Aigrette – Lything and Gracing
Two of Phil’s contributions to the Hatfield repertoire are combined for this medley that, for all intents and purposes, resurrects Pip Pyle’s Bash with Mark Fletcher standing in for Pip on drums, but otherwise, Patrice Meyer on guitar, Alex Maguire on keyboards (also, of course, a member of the reformed Hatfield in 2005-06), and Fred Baker on bass, join forces again for, let’s say, a variation rather than a literal rendition of Aigrette, and after a free solo piano interlude, the 6/8 end section of Lything and Gracing (a.k.a. Righteous Rhumba on Matching Mole’s Little Red Record), with some tasty fuzz organ thrown in the mix.

2 thoughts

  1. It’s just fabulous, they’re doing Phil proud. I love the fierce concentration as the guys read the dots! The off-piste section from Alex is wild. At one point he begins to stand up at the piano and just for a second I thought he was about to channel Jerry Lee Lewis!! Rock ‘n roll Canterbury style, now there’s a surreal thought.


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