A Life in Music: Nan True’s Hole

As I said in my stage introduction, this is the Canterbury Scene equivalent of « Satisfaction » – a (relatively) simple riff and refrain that makes for a great end-of-concert singalong. With Alex Maguire conducting (or rather, sound painting) most of the evening’s participants, John Greaves, Jakko Jakszyk and Jack Monck join in when the familiar riff emerges from the collective improv. In contrast with the relatively earnest tone of what preceded, this is a perfect, light-hearted yet musical ending to a performance that, like Phil Miller, won’t soon be forgotten.

6 thoughts

  1. What a great way to close this most memorable night. I will treasure it as one the most enjoyable concert experiences I witnessed. a million thanks to all involved to make it happen.

  2. …big thanx to Herm and Ben for making this possible and, of course, to all those wonderful musicians that took part…


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