A Life in Music: Fools Meeting

Another song from the Delivery era, and the title track for the band’s sole album Fools Meeting. Delivery had started out playing mostly American blues covers, but when they began to add original material, the writing process was collective although Phil soon emerged as the most prolific writer. This was all prior to Phil beginning to score his music, so it was down to Mark Hewins and Alex Maguire to transcribe the music while holidaying in Spain. Alex, of course, was in the reformed Hatfield and the North in 2005-06, and prior to that had played with Elton Dean and Pip Pyle in various projects. Mark’s longtime association with Phil was equally close but mostly confined to private sessions, although I was lucky to witness one of their rare public outings – a trio gig with Carol Grimes, again at the old Vortex, in 1999. As for Paul Dufour, he is the last drummer Phil performed with, in Jack Monck & Friends alongside Marc Hadley. Last but not least, Simon Picard, a familiar face (and sound) on the UK jazz scene over four decades (and counting), was a member of In Cahoots in 2005-08.

One thought

  1. A sad coincidence that Paul Dufour was also the last drummer to perform with Phils brother Steve on the 11th October 1998 recording session for Steve Millers K.Ostra ‘…..it’s out there’ CD.


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