A Life in Music: Miserable Man

We begin, appropriately (since the music was presented in chronological order), with two songs from Phil’s first band Delivery, formed in 1966 with his brother Steve on piano and his childhood friend Pip Pyle on drums. I remember attending a benefit for Steve at the old Vortex a few months before he sadly passed away in 1998 and the entire line-up for the Fools Meeting (1970) album had reunited for the occasion, save for Roy Babbington who was unable to make it. This time only Roy made it – the others (Phil, Steve, Pip and Lol Coxhill) having sadly passed away in the interim, with the exception of Carol Grimes, who it was hoped would also join in, but had to be replaced at the last minute by Simon Picard on tenor sax. Mark Hewins on guitar, Alex Maguire on piano and Paul Dufour on drums complete the line-up – more on these fine gentlemen in the notes for the next video, another Delivery song – Fools Meeting.


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