Delivery Canterbury ’72

This recently discovered recording is posted in conjunction with Dave Radford’s presentation of the posters for concerts he, along with a few friends, promoted in Canterbury in 1971-73, mostly at St. Thomas’ Hall. The performance was preserved on a cassette and kept by Steve Miller in a box that was only explored earlier last year. This is particularly interesting in that, unlike the one from Brighton a few weeks later, it has a complete God Song at the end – even better, this appears to have been the very first occasion where anyone sang these lyrics in public, as Robert Wyatt had yet to debut the song live with Matching Mole. Other than that, this is the usual ‘proto-hatfield’ setlist, including Pip Pyle’s unrecorded instrumental All Day Forever on which he plays rhythm guitar rather than drums. All preserved in pretty good sound, so a no-brainer for any Hatfield fan !

Delivery – St. Thomas’ Hall, Canterbury – 2 September 1972

Phil Miller – guitar
Steve Miller – Wurlitzer electric piano
Richard Sinclair – bass, vocals
Pip Pyle – drums, rhythm guitar on All Day Forever

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