In Cahoots demos ’83

This is without a doubt a vital document and testament to the bright and youthful In Cahoots. Energy and freshness abounds. This is thrilling listening.

There are two kinds of rhythm section. There’s the lay it down and keep it solid kind, and then there’s the freewheeling, stratospheric, post psychedelic, roller-coaster jazzfest we are treated to here. The first In Cahoots line up wrestle manfully with Phil’s compositions and respond with unleashed fury at the slightest hint of a solo break. It’s all about contrasts, courage. and going pretty boldly all round.

Your Root 2 is one of the meatiest and most forceful compositions ever and here it is nice,fresh and raw. Yes, you can have Punk Jazz…

Wonderfully raw and stripped down Calyx here. The blend of Phil and Elton empathising the plaintive cry of the melody and cooking up the passion to the point where the whole thing has no option but to soar skywards. This is absolutely breathtaking.

Hard shoulder is incendiary. Phil, Elton and Pete don’t take solos, they take turns to dance with elegant contempt for the very naughty and treacherous chord sequence lurking beneath.

Eastern Region is one of my favourite Phil compositions. There have been many arrangements but this is the most widescreen and orchestral I’ve heard. The band CLICK. This is as fascinating as gazing into the workings of a particularly intricate watch. If Weather Report were Londoners…they wouldn’t be this good.

Fearlessly trekking nay motoring over the rocky terrain our heroes bring us home with Second Sight. Touchdown. Hope there was beaming and backslapping galore on playback.

Download – 43 MB

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