In Cahoots Nijmegen 1989

It’s high time we featured an In Cahoots performance from the 1988-89 tour with Steve Franklin on keyboards, and what better than a professionally-recorded radio broadcast? Fans of the band will recognise the opening track, For The Moment, as the same version heard on the Live 86-89 album, but the rest of the concert had never been heard before. It’s quite a unique mix of InCa staples like Above and Below and the Medley, and material rarely if at all heard elsewhere, like Steve Franklin’s SOL, of which no other recording is known, and Elton Dean’s Unda, a.k.a. Amba (recorded with Pip Pyle’s Equipe’Out). There are also versions of All Is Not Lost, also by Franklin, and Phil’s Red Shift, two pieces also on Live 86-89 that sadly didn’t survive Franklin’s departure after this tour. Lastly, we have two strong tracks from the recently released Split Seconds album, Truly Yours (the ‘short’ version) and And Thus Far, the latter only marred by some intrusive comments by an overzealous VPRO radio presenter during the piece’s climax! Other than this, we have a really great document of a strong lineup.

Phil Miller – guitar, guitar-synth
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Steve Franklin – keyboards
Fred Thelonious Baker – bass
Pip Pyle – drums

Download – 127 MB

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  1. This gig in Nijmegen, the Netherlands was at: O’ 42, hosted by Pierre Courbois, he’s the one speaking whilst the band climaxes.
    October 18 th 1989

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