All Saints ’95

In October 1995 Phil, with his brother Steve on keyboards and Mark Sanders on drums, recorded these tracks at Steve’s home, which was a converted church.

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  1. All Saints Church
    Hobbs Cross Road/Foster Street
    CM17 9HP


    It’s not labelled on Google Maps. You can see it from the Mll just before junction 7 if you look East.
    After Steve’s passing it was converted to a residence as Steve only had permission for a workshop.
    I have a video made for a TV company shot at the church interviewing Steve and Eddy Prevo about free jazz with some brief playing with Steve piano, Eddie drums, Steve Ash bass, Hag guitar. Sadly a bad mix but gives a flavour of the church. I also have photographs and many recordings made there as does Steve Lane.
    Kyle drop me a email if you would like to see or use the Video.
    Congratulations on this wonderful endeavour.
    Best Wishes

    1. Correction. I Meant to say ‘look East when heading south on th M11’.
      It’s just North East of the junction of Foster Street and Green Lane.

  2. All Saints was a small ex chapel just outside Old Harlow. Steve used it as a woodworking shop. He never actually lived there. He had his piano there and used to engage in jam sessions with friends. I used to tape some of the jams there.
    Steve and Phill also played a few gigs at St Johns Community Art Centre also a former church. I recorded some of those to DAT Phill would have had copies.

    1. You’re right Steve. All Saints was officially Steve’s workshop, although he spent an enormous amount of his time there, mainly with music and, as you say, a lot of people played music there with Steve. We should not have described it as his home, although one could say it was his spiritual home and definitely his sanctuary. I remember Kyle being put up for the night there when he was a teenager and had been attacked near Pip’s home in Hatfield Heath, there being no space to accomodate him at Pip’s

  3. Does anybody know where this All Saints is? There is one in Harlow, which makes a lot of sense, but there is a church by that name in Hove that is famous as a venue for jazz bands?



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