National Health Breda ’79

National Health live in Breda, Netherlands 28.04.1979

One thought

  1. Provided the date is correct this would have been the second of two shows in Bresse-sur-Grosne (France), A L’Ouest de la Grosne with Alain Eckert guesting as second guitarist. Probably recorded by Jacky Barbier on a DAT recorder.
    I have not checked in detail but the typical setlist on this tour was:
    “TNTFX” / “Silence”, “Squarer For Maud”, “Dreams Wide Awake”, “Nowadays A Silhouette”, “The Rose Sob” / “Play Time”, “Toad Of Toad Hall”, “Seven Sisters”, “TNTFX (reprise)” (+ occasionally “Fourfold”, “Shining Water”)


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