National Health Kansas ’79 (remastered)

Thanks to Aymeric Leroy for remastering  the National Health gig in Lawrence, Kansas from 1979.  As well as correcting tape stretch distortion, he also added the missing last part of the gig, plus the ‘garage demos’ made at the home of Martin L Glover, a friend of Rick Chafen a few days before the concert on 19 Nov 1979.


Phil Miller – guitar
Alan Gowen – keyboards
John Greaves – bass
PipPyle – drums

Opera House, Lawrence KS, 19 Nov 1979

Download – 128 MB


Garage demos, Lawrence KS, Nov 1979

This marked the earliest instance of Phil’s “A Fleeting Glance” [Before a Word is Said] being played – clearly they haven’t fully mastered it, and indeed the piece wasn’t played live until the following year.

Aymeric Leroy

Download – 23 MB

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