Theo Travis Interview

Theo first shared the stage with In Cahoots at the London Astoria Progeny Festival on the 15th November 2003 featuring Liam Genockey on drums and Mark Fletcher on percussion. The second occasion was on the 17th April 2004 at the London Borderline with Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair, Andy Ward, Mark Hewins and Alex Maguire. This was followed later in the month on 24th and 25th in Gouveia, Portugal with Phil, Richard, Theo and Andy Ward. On 29th January 2005 the Richard Sinclair Band played in Whitstable at the Horsebridge Arts Centre featuring Phil, Rich, Theo, Alex Maguire and Roy Dodds with Pip Pyle guesting on drums. The same year on 18th March, In Cahoots with Simon Finch on trumpet and Theo Travis on tenor sax and flute replacing Elton Dean and Jim Dvorak, shared the stage at the Mean Fiddler gig with the reformed Hatfield and the North: Phil, Richard, Alex and Pip.


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