Hic Haec Hoc


1985  In Cahoots: Phil Miller guitar, Elton Dean alto sax/saxello, Peter Lemer keyboards, Hugh Hopper bass, Pip Pyle drums.
Wilhelmina, Eindhoven, Netherlands. 25 March 1985

      1. Hic Haec Hoc

1984/5  Phil’s Solo Demos: Phil Miller on all instruments.
Phil Miller’s studio, London. 1984/5

      2. Hic Haec Hoc

2001 day 1  In Cahoots: Phil Miller guitar and synth guitar, Fred Baker bass guitar, Elton Dean alto and soprano sax, Jim Dvorak trumpet, Peter Lemer keyboards, Pip Pule drums.
Tribute to The Love Generation, Club Mediage, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. 2001

      3. Hic Haec Hoc