In Cahoots: Phil Miller guitar, Fred Baker bass, Elton Dean alto sax and saxello, Jim Dvorak trumpet, Peter Lemer keyboards, Pip Pyle drums.
St Mary’s Art Centre, Colchester 29 May 1996

      1. 2-04 Simmer_MG

1996  In Cahoots: Phil Mliller guitar and synth guitar, Fred Baker Bass, Peter Lemer keyboards, Elton Dean saxes, Jim Dvorak trumpet, Pip Pyle drums.
Hoxton Studios London, May/June 1996. Engineered and mixed by Benjamin LeFevre.

      2. Simmer (Miller) 09:59

1995  In Cahoots: Phil Miller guitar and synth gtr, Jim Dvorak trumpet, Elton Dean saxello and alto sax, Fred Baker bass guitar, Pip Pyle drums.
Penny Theatre, Canterbury. 4 December 1995

      3. Simmer (09:58)