Adding Contributors’ Transcriptions to THE DOTS

This week we are introducing a new category into THE DOTS. Recently we were very pleased when two people – Daniel Rheault and music teacher / band member Neil Browning  sent us their transcriptions of Phil’s music taken from CDs. Both of them sent transcriptions of Phil playing Aigrette taken from the Hatfield & The North CD. These transcripts represent what Phil actually played on the CD. We do not have a copy of Phil’s original version of Aigrette as all his hand written manuscripts are held in the Archives of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. I am going to visit the archive after the summer break to do some digitising of these manuscripts where I hope to find an early version which I shall add to the Aigrette OPUS page along with later versions.
Daniel also sent us his transcriptions of Underdub and Lounging There Trying from Hatfield & The North’s The Rotter’s Club and Final Call from Phil’s 1988 Split Second CD. Daniel wants his email address shown – you can find it on his transcription of Aigrette – as he would like to correspond with other musicians who share his interests.
We would be very pleased to receive more transcriptions from anyone who has made them and would like to see them added to this new section.